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Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Our residency program is committed to providing an inclusive environment for our patients, our students, our residents, and our faculty. We are committed to UofL's Cardinal Anti-Racism agenda and excited about Norton Healthcare's $20 million commitment to address health equity, ensure primary care for the community, new leadership that reflects community demographics, education and advocacy about health policy issues, and investment in the underserved areas of Louisville.


Our committee exists

  • To identify weaknesses and strengths within our residency program as it relates to promotion of a diverse workforce;

  • To help foster a nurturing and supportive environment that values diverse perspectives;

  • To create a sustainable model to strive for continuous improvements in our diversity, equity, and inclusion practices.

All of these with the ultimate goal of training a diverse workforce of pediatricians who are equipped to provide culturally competent care to a diverse population of patients.​

We want our pediatric residency program

  • To be considered among the best at providing culturally competent education both within University of Louisville's Graduate Medical Education but also among regional pediatric residency programs;

  • To have a workforce (both trainees and faculty) that better reflects the population we serve; to retain a diverse group of students, residents, and faculty.

  • To be a model of engagement of different perspectives so that all can thrive.

  • Celebration of diverse backgrounds

  • Learning from experience of others

  • Work as in inclusive team

  • Systems of support and mentorship

  • Safe and open environment

  • Student Engagement

  • Equality

  • A sense of belonging

  • Compromise

  • Cultural Humility

  • Integrity

  • Recruitment and retention education

  • Overcome challenges and discrimination

Math and Science Fair

Math and Science Fair 2.PNG

Members of our committee participate in this community event to help with outreach in the community.

DEI T-Shirt Sale

Shirt Sale .JPG

Our annual fundraiser helps support our efforts in the community.

Cookout For The Culture

Cookout For the Culture 2.JPG

Our DEI committee also supports other DEI groups within the UofL community!

MAPs & Resident Panel

Resident Panel.JPG

We work with other student groups to facilitate mentorship and guidance for those underrepresented in medicine who are applying for medical school or considering a medical track

DEI Book Club and Movie Nights

Each year, our residents sign-up to participate in this book club to read literature and discuss topics related to DEI with each other. Every other month, they switch things up by watching a movie together related to DEI topics and hold an open discussion.

DEI Book Club.jfif
Books they've read:
  • "You'll Never Believe What Happened to Lacey: Crazy Stories About Racism" by Lacey Lamar & Amber Ruffin

  • "Juliet Takes A Breath" by Gabby Rivera

Movies they've watched:
  • Crip Camp (2020 documentary)

  • Indian Horse (2017 film)

  • Moonlight (2016 film)

  • Flee (2021 film)

Current Committee Members

Ngha, Bill.jpg

Bill Ngha, MD

PGY - 3

Photo- McMullin, Malik.jpg

Malik McMullin

PGY - 4


Phillip Chuong

PGY - 2

Nandedwalla ERAS Pic_edited.jpg

Rozena Nandedwalla, MD

PGY - 1

Belford, Kristen.jpg

Kristen Belford, MD

PGY - 3


Rika Bera, MD

PGY - 2

Shenouda NEW.jpg

Marina Shenouda, DO

PGY - 2


Lucia Puga-Sanchez, MD

PGY - 1

Thompson, Victoria.jpg

Victoria Thompson, DO

PGY - 3


Tiffany Brooks, MD

PGY - 2


Mehma Singh, DO

PGY - 2


Sarah Williams, MD

PGY - 1

Faculty Advisor


Jennifer Porter, MD

Associate Professor

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